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House Cleaning

The Care of Your Home is Important to Us

At Stellar Home Services, we specialize in deep cleaning. Whether you want your whole house cleaned or only specific rooms, we make sure your home is given the detailed attention it deserves. Our seasoned professionals are trained and equipped to clean your home with efficiency and attention to detail.




Every home is different! Before booking a first-time clean with us, we like to meet our clients at their home and to provide an in-person quote. This ensures a fair estimate and allows us to customize your clean to what works best for your needs and budget. We will bring our Cleaning Checklist to both go over our cleaning process and to note your top priorities. 




Typically, first-time cleans are at an hourly rate with one or more professionals, depending on the size and condition of your home. Subsequent maintenance cleans are at a fixed rate based on your home’s cleaning requirements. Often times, maintenance cleans will be at a slightly lower price point.


We can work with your budget! If you have a cap on what you are willing or able to spend, we always work from your list of priorities to ensure your most important areas are cleaned within the time allotted. 


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